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2023 World ranking of megayacht and superyacht shipyards

2023 World ranking of megayacht and superyacht shipyards

By germana

At shipyards all over the world, the superyacht industry employs highly skilled craftspeople from Germany to the Netherlands, Italy, and the United States.
From the Mediterranean to the Bahamas, the handcrafted vessels provide both entertainment and employment for those on board. The top 20 superyacht shipyards in the world are highlighted in this section.
In the last two decades, Lürssen, a German company, has constructed 11 of the 20 largest superyachts in the world. Azzam, the largest yacht in the 145-year-old family shipyard, is 592 feet, 6 inches in length. In a high-tech hull, imagine six football fields laid out side by side with dozens of staterooms and saloons filled with custom furniture, art, and beautiful woodwork. Others followed that 2013 launch, including the 512-foot Dilbar and the 364-foot Project Tis this year.

The company’s ability to consistently produce so many floating masterpieces is directly proportional to its skilled workforce and vast facilities, both of which are still owned and managed by the Lürssen family. Lürssen owns eight shipyards across Germany as a result of recent acquisitions, including the
renowned Blohm & Voss yard. 400 designers, 600 engineers, 1,600 skilled workers, and 200 apprentices make up its staff, which includes some of the most experienced of any superyacht builder.
Friedrich Lürssen made the following declaration after establishing the business in 1875: My company will be known as a leader in both performance and quality.
Friedrich’s words have taken on a greater significance than he could have ever imagined because his name is associated with the largest yachts in the world.
Situated across the waterway from Lürssen’s Lemwerder yard, Abeking and Rasmussen has made progressed running surfaces, similar to its Area body that skirts fierce sea waves as opposed to beating across. Custom yachts as well as military and commercial vessels bear the name. The 237-foot Cloudbreak, which set new design standards for expedition yachts, and the 244-foot Elandess, which has a “Nemo Lounge” with a window below the waterline, are among its award winners. The 321-foot Aviva,

Abeking’s flagship, is unique among yachts of its size due to its unparalleled interior volume, which includes a paddle-tennis court of regulation size.
Most of the time, the 112-year-old yard is ahead of the latest trends. It is working on a hybrid fuel cell that only produces clean steam and is powered by methanol. The system may be the first in the yachting industry to use no hydrocarbons or emit any emissions.
Feadship is probably the most well-known name among Dutch builders, having been formed as a group in 1949. The De Vries and Van Lent family yards in Aalsmeer, Makkum, Kaag, and Amsterdam make up Feadship. De Voogt Naval Architects are also a part of the group.
Feadship has developed into Holland’s superyacht powerhouse, with dozens of custom launches over the past seven decades. 333-foot Symphony, the first Feadship to reach 100 meters, was launched in 2015. Faith, a stunning 312-footer that was launched two years later, has a slim profile, a helicopter pad
with a hangar on the foredeck, and a swimming pool on the aft deck with a glass floor that looks like the ceiling of the beach club below.

Feadship introduced a half-dozen additional yachts this past year, including the 241-foot Sherpa. Feadship’s design capabilities can be seen in its expedition-yacht exterior, which includes two exhaust stacks on the aft cockpit that look like factories. When it launches later this year, its Project 814, which
features a vertical bow and a long, lean forefoot, will be an example of a completely new design.
Nobiskrug, an award-winning builder that focuses on custom-built, made-to- measure superyachts, operates three distinct facilities in northern Germany to produce its vessels: Kiel-Gaarden, Rendsburg, and Kiel-Friedrichsort Following the opening of the Kiel Canal in 1895, the yard was established in
Rendsburg in 1905. Over 1,000 highly skilled craftspeople are employed by Nobiskrug today across its three shipyards. Hull construction, steel cutting, mechanical work, fitting, pipe fitting, paint, electrical work, and carpentry are all part of in-house production, with these workshops all organized under one

The brand’s 2017 Best of the Best winner, A, was designed by Philippe Starck and built by Nobiskrug. It is a 470-foot sail-assisted motor yacht. Oceanco is a relatively new company that has produced some of the most exquisite custom superyachts in the world. Examples include the recently launched 295-foot DAR, but the yard has also built technically sophisticated vessels like the 350-foot sailing superyacht Black Pearl, which has some of the most cutting-edge sails ever created. Jubilee, Aquijo, and Infinity, it’s other award winners, still have their own distinct DNA.
Terence Disdale, Nuvolari-Lenard, Espen ino, Sam Sorgiovanni, Igor Lobanov, Tim Heywood, and Andrew Winch are among the most coveted yacht designers who have collaborated with the yard.