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Arcadia Yachts 29m motor yacht A96

Arcadia Yachts 29m motor yacht A96

By germana

Arcadia Yachts has its headquarters in Naples, Italy, in Torre Annunziata, like a lot of great shipbuilding companies.
The shipbuilding company is committed to eliminating cutting-edge yachts with a distinctive design approach that incorporates environmental and ethical considerations into the production of their
semi-custom composite yachts.
In classical literature and mythology, the idyllic land of Arcadia is referred to as a place where people lived in perfect harmony with nature.
Arcadia Yachts was founded in 2008 by executives in the yachting industry to pursue an “Ecological Dream” in the industry.
Ugo Pellegrino, the group’s president and owner, and Francesco Guida, its chief engineer and designer, make up the group. Luxury, style, beauty, and an appreciation for the Renaissance’s art, history,
and culture are all reflected in the vessels manufactured by Arcadia. Using this design brief, a line of high-end yachts that emphasize ecological harmony incorporate all of these components.

The 25.9-meter Arcadia 85 SOLAR, which is now known as GOOD LIFE, was Arcadia’s first vessel when it was launched in 2009. Their philosophy was embodied in the vessel. The ship’s exterior was
designed by Francesco Guida.
Additionally, the yacht’s house batteries can be recharged by the vessel’s numerous solar panels. Additionally, the yacht can operate at speeds of up to 8 knots using an electric propulsion system that is
completely silent.

At the Boot Düsseldorf 2010 show, Arcadia 85 was shown off. Arcadia models have maintained their distinctive perspective on the yachting industry ever since. The buyers and owners of Arcadia models come from a large international market. “I love the sea, and of course yacht owners love
the sea, and whoever loves the sea doesn’t want to destroy it,” Guida stated in an interview.
From this idea, Arcadia designs boats that put comfort and the environment ahead of speed. Arcadia’s yacht models have futuristic exteriors and large windows so that owners can enjoy the peace and
views while on the water. notable works by ARCADIA The shipyard’s groundbreaking Arcadia
85 led to the creation of another notable yachting work: the 115 Arcadia The 35-meter yacht known as the M’OCEAN was the first model to be introduced in 2012.
Guida designed the futuristic exterior of the yacht, which seamlessly incorporates solar panels into her topside. M’OCEAN has an elegant and modern interior.
In 2020, Arcadia unveiled its SHERPA XL model, which elevated the company’s values and the art of excellent craftsmanship in the yachting industry to a new level.

In addition, the effort to get in touch with nature is much more extensive than what is currently available on the market: With large, transparent sliding doors and windows that can be opened to let nature in, literally as a beloved guest, the settings establish an ongoing dialogue between the interior and the exterior. Natural light fills the rooms, and the sounds and smells of the sea fill them, making
them feel like they are part of the environment.

The settings blend seamlessly from the swim platform to the bow, allowing the owner to choose between the openness of the main deck, the privacy of the upper deck, and the total privacy of the bow area,
which is ideal for anchoring in roads and marinas. All of these features contribute to the idea that the yacht is a great place to get back into shape and regain energy for daily life.
Interiors with sliding doors can be used in a variety of ways. The large side and aft walls in the living areas on the Main and Upper Decks can be completely opened, turning these areas literally into open spaces.
The super-modern and fully equipped pantry, the possibility of including a second day toilet on the Upper Deck, and the clear separation of guest and crew flows (with a dedicated crew stairway) all
contribute to the high service standards that are guaranteed.
The yard asked Lobanov to decorate the interiors using natural and, where possible, eco-friendly materials. He chose a design with soft lines and furniture that feels good to the touch to continue this style.
Arcadia A96 was built not only to be the best example of safety on the water in the 90- to 100-foot range, but also to have three unique advantages in terms of volume, top speed (up to 24 knots with
optional motorization), and usable surface area (over 400 square meters). a series of extremely difficult goals that must be combined into a single project.
As a result, Arcadia Yachts’ technical department put in a lot of effort to reduce weight and improve structural comfort by incorporating carbon fiber inserts in addition to resin, making extensive use of
infusion technology, particularly on the main and upper decks as well as the deckhouse.

Finally, innovative materials were used to make the engine room’s thermo-acoustic insulation solution even more effective and all the wiring and piping systems were optimized. The project is able to
achieve its goal of reaching top speed thanks to the final result of a displacement of “only” 130 tons at full load.
The propulsion system is comprised of four Volvo Penta IPS1.200 (or optionally IPS1.350) units, allowing for the optimization of the living space and the relocation of the source of noise and vibration aft in
addition to providing resort-level comfort and high performance. This integrated solution has undeniable advantages, including excellent joystick maneuverability and pitching stability due to the interceptors
and dynamic positioning system. The A96 is a yacht that can cruise in any water because of its shallow draught and small engines, which allowed the engine room to be upgraded to meet the increasingly
stringent emission regulations standards.