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Austin Parker Yachts’ first Mahon 64 sold

Austin Parker Yachts’ first Mahon 64 sold

By germana

The AL 86, the Tuscan shipyard’s largest and most innovative model, will be
released, along with three new lines: Ibiza, Mahn, and Palma. Fulvio de Simoni
and Austin Parker continued to collaborate. The exteriors of all eight new boats
were designed by the well-known designer. The launch of the brand’s longest
yacht, the Al 86 FLY, will be the main story. The model falls into the superyacht
category because it has a 26.2-meter aluminum body and a flybridge.
It will stand out significantly from previous flybridge models and other Austin
Parker boats thanks to its aggressive and “fashionable” exterior, which is far
removed from the corporate “lobster boat” style.
The space’s layout will also be unusual. A salon and an outdoor seating area with
the option to add a small pool will be located on the main deck. A tender with a
RIB length of 4-5 meters, such as the Williams Sportjet 520, can be placed on the
stern of the beach club.
A sunbathing area with three sun beds, a bar, and a U-shaped sofa will be located
on the flybridge. On the lower deck, two crew cabins, two double guest cabins, a
VIP cabin, and a master cabin are planned. The yacht will come with two 1400-
horsepower MAN V12 engines as standard equipment. You will be able to reach a
top speed of 33 knots with them. The cruise speed is 28 kph.
There will be three models in the Ibiza line, each with an open cockpit, a center
console, and side access to the nose area. The dimensions of two of them, the
Ibiza 44 (13.4 m, which can be ordered with either stationary or outboard
motors), and the Ibiza 48 (14.63 m), are fairly typical for the brand; however, the
dimensions of the third will be unusual.
The Ibiza 85 will be Austin Parker’s second-largest model, after the AL 86 FLY,
with a fiberglass hull measuring 26 meters. There will be room for eight guests
and two to three crew members on board. Two Volvo Penta D13-IPS1350 engines
will power the Ibiza 85. The speed will remain the same as the previous model:
28 knots at cruising speed and 33 knots at maximum speed.

Fans of the Tuscan shipyard style will be more familiar with the other two lines.
The Austin Parker’s typical 46 (14 m) and 50 (15.24 m) models were combined
into the Mahn line, which featured a well-known corporate profile. The Palma
line will consist of larger yachts with a flybridge, including the Palma 62 FLY

(18.89 m) and the Palma 66 FLY (20.11 m). The shipyard Austin Parker was one
of the first in Italy to produce classic, elegant medium-sized yachts in the “lobster
boat” style with high seaworthiness. All models are classified as category A. The
shipyard brought the entire model line up to date with the help of Fulvio de
Simoni. Now, the company offers yachts with front glazing and a hardtop up to
54 feet and Sportfly boats with a small flybridge from 48 feet to 72 feet.
Austin Parker’s ability to build semi-custom yachts, which no other manufacturer
offers in this size category, is one of its main strengths. Customers can customize
the interior, cockpit, and flybridge to fit their lifestyles, in addition to selecting
the finishing materials and options.
Burevestnik Group is represented in Russia by Austin Parker since 2019.
Alexey Lukash, brand manager, says, “Austin Parker yachts are qualitatively
different from what is currently presented on the Russian market.” – They have a
distinct style that stands out in addition to the high quality of their performance
both outside and inside. The deep V-shaped marine hulls of lobster boat yachts
are derived from the motor vessels of New England fishermen. Even though it is
44 feet long, the yacht Austin Parker is built for category A and can withstand
waves that are more than 4 meters high and wind power over 8 points. These
yachts are built tough, have high-quality finishes, and are especially well-suited
to our weather.”