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Azimut Benetti confirms it is the top producer of super yachts

Azimut Benetti confirms it is the top producer of super yachts

By germana

Azimut Benetti demonstrates that it is the world’s leading manufacturer of superyachts. For
the 22nd consecutive year, the shipyard run by the Vitelli family has received recognition.
The Azimut Benetti Group leads the Global Order Book 2021, the annual ranking of the
world’s largest builder of yachts over 24 meters, published by the boating publication Boat
International, with a record number of 128 designs built, or 4,601 meters in length. Azimut
Bnetti is the first of 186 shipyards working in over five continents. It has designs that
account for 12.5% of the market, which is a lot for such a small market.
An accomplishment that confirms the Group’s statistics, which show that the company has
an order portfolio of more than 1.5 billion euros and that the production value for the
upcoming season is expected to be more than a billion euros, a 20% increase from the
financial year 2020/2021. Impartiality in leadership: Azimut Benetti has been recognized as
the world’s best shipyard for 22 years.
As a result, the group strategy is based on these determining factors: Azimut Benetti is in a
unique position in the current market thanks to its skill level, innovative designs, diverse
models, and top-of-the-line solutions.
This consolidated asset ensures that Azimut Benetti adheres to their company’s mission,
which is to prioritize product innovation. The Group has worked successfully to find
solutions that aim to reduce environmental impact both in the short term and in the long
term, particularly over the past 15 years.
The B.Yond 37M, a steel super yacht equipped with the E-Mode Hybrid system, and the
108-meter giga yacht, Luminosity, which is the largest hybrid in the world and can sail in
electric mode for more than 10 nautical miles, are two of the most recent examples. It will
be the industry’s greenest yacht when it debuts in the first half of 2022.
Experience that will now enable the shipyard to transfer giga yacht-specific solutions to
smaller vessels. According to Vitelli, efficiency and lowering consumption are not just
slogans for the future for us; rather, they are objectives for the present: We have made
investments in research and infrastructure with the intention of reducing the consumption of
our vessels by 30% and reducing emissions in a noticeable way.
The vice president of Azimut Benetti concludes, “A tangible result that we have achieved
through the extensive use of carbon fiber, internalizing its processing to make it suitable for
boating use, and investing in streamlining the hulls and propulsion systems.” The Group
has confirmed a 100 million euro investment in R&D that will last for three years.
According to the Global Order Book, nearly half of the top 15 mega yacht manufacturers are
Italian. There are seven Italian yacht builders in the first 15 spots. Sanlorenzo comes in
second place with 117 designs and 4,159 linear meters.

Azimut|Benetti Group has been named the world’s most productive superyacht builder in
Boat International’s The Global Order Book 2021 rankings, which are based on actual
orders for yachts larger than 80 feet. In fact, the 100 different large yachts that
Azimut|Benetti Group has launched in the past year total a staggering 11,551 feet in length.
In a typical year, that is an incredible statistic. However, when you consider the impact that
the global pandemic has had—and continues to have—on the yachting industry, it becomes
even more impressive.
However, I can honestly say that I am unsurprised. Group Executive Vice President
Giovanna Vitelli has always been committed to making investments in new product
development. And this year, her bravery and dedication were rewarded with the introduction
of a number of innovative new models, such as the Benetti Oasis 40M, which sold 12 units
within two months of its debut and the Azimut Yachts Trideck, which sold 5 units before the
boat was even built!
In addition, Azimut|Benetti’s success is based on solid foundations, including ongoing
research into cutting-edge innovation and technology, financial stability, and a close-knit
global distribution and support network in the most important regions for super yacht sales,
such as the United States, as well as particularly promising ones, like South East Asian