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Falcon Tenders presents new limousine tender design

Falcon Tenders presents new limousine tender design

By germana

In collaboration with Italian designer Anna Borla, British tender manufacturer Falcon Tenders
has presented a brand-new 10.5-meter limousine tender. The new limousine, designed
specifically to accompany a superyacht of 100 meters or more, would feature hybrid capacities
and all-electric propulsion systems, just like the Falcon Tenders range currently available.
The limo tender is the first in a series that will be presented by Falcon Tenders CEO Mark
Pascoe. He stated that he had always “been driven by fresh ideas and concepts, keeping a keen
eye on maintaining the highest quality of engineering and electrical systems,” when discussing
the collaboration. He continued, ” We continue to innovate with this brand-new concept for
● It has a distinctive low profile, vertical bow lights, and circular portholes as part of its
design. The interior of the boat has elegant leather seating, a mix of wood elements, and
discrete lighting thanks to a strip of glass that runs through its center.

● The tender would be constructed from plant-based epoxy resin, faired and painted by
hand to superyacht standards, and envisioned in a cool Arctic blue. Decking has been
carefully chosen to make it easy for the crew to get from the bow to the stern without
disturbing guests who are seated inside.
Anna Borla, who created it, stated: From pop-up crystal drinks decanters to a bright, natural
setting and the use of tactile fabrics and materials, I wanted to add a new level of comfort to the
limousine tender’s guest experience.
Anna Borla unveiled Aria 50, a brand-new 50-meter concept design, earlier this year. Borla is
one of the finalists for BOAT’s Young Designer of the Year award. Falcon Tenders has recently
signed contracts for two full-custom tender projects, so the new design comes at a busy time.
The style and sophistication that have come to be associated with Falcon Tenders are present in
the brand-new 10.5-meter limousine tender. The boat has presence on water thanks to its crisp,
clean lines, distinctive low profile, and aerial symmetry. The boat’s wide appeal is ensured by the
combination of futuristic details like circular vertical bow lights and a wraparound exterior LED
with traditional styling like the hull’s shape and traditional port holes.
● The most striking feature of the boat is the glass strip that runs along its center and lets
in natural light. When the boat is in motion, the skylights open to let in a pleasant breeze
from the sea. With vertical wraparound windows and a glass ceiling panel, guests are
kept inside and comfortable in all sea states in an air-conditioned and inviting indoor
environment. For a refined interior finish, premium leather upholstery is used in
conjunction with this.
According to Anna Borla, “I wanted to bring a new level of interior comfort to the guest
experience when traveling by limousine tender from the use of tactile fabrics and materials to
pop-up crystal drinks decanters and a bright, natural ambience.”

From a service perspective, the exterior deck areas’ sustainably sourced teak also runs along the
boat’s top, making it easy for crew to move from the bow to the stern without disturbing guests
seated inside.
● The lightweight craft is made from plant-based epoxy resin and is hand-faired and
painted to superyacht standards. It has an eye-catching light blue superstructure.
Because of its fixed lifting points, reduced weight, and compact dimensions, it is simple
to store and deploy from most tender garages for superyachts.
● Sustainable propulsion is at the forefront of the design of every Falcon tender. There is a
combustion, diesel-electric propulsion system or an all-electric version that all occupy
the same engine space. The hybrid and electric self-charging plug-in options allow for
emission-free transportation without sacrificing style, performance, or comfort.