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Stories and Adventures from the World’s Most Beautiful Harbors

Stories and Adventures from the World’s Most Beautiful Harbors

By germana

Every traveler has their ultimate list of things to do around the world, from eating street food in Singapore to going to an opera in Vienna. However, since we spend a lot of our time outside these days, we’re adding a slew of outdoor activities to your list. 

Machu Picchu, the well-known Incan citadel in the Andes, is a must-see for any adventurer. The site can be reached by bus, but more daring travelers can trek the entire 26-mile Inca Trail over the course of five days. Alternately, Sam Travel Peru, a local tour operator, allows you to complete the experience in 24 hours by dropping you off at kilometer marker 104.

Greenland is one of the most untouched landscapes on the planet, despite being one of the most expensive and difficult to reach. Example A: the icebergs and glaciers that have been floating off the mainland for a hundred years and can be seen up close on a cruise excursion. Try Cruise Norway or Hurtigruten.)

You can’t get a 360-degree view of the famous limestone spires and “fairy chimneys” at ground level from a hot air balloon ride over Turkey’s central Cappadocia region. Kapadokya Balloons, the first company to introduce hot air balloon tourism to Cappadocia, is the best place to book your flight. Snacks, full insurance, and a champagne party following the flight are all included in the services.

Every diver and snorkeler must see the Great Barrier Reef at least once in their lives. The natural wonder has been rapidly eroding as a result of coral bleaching and global warming, despite the fact that the location is home to more than 1,500 distinct species of fish and more than 400 distinct kinds of coral. Because of this, seeing it in all its splendor and comprehending what we are losing is more important than ever. While Australia has been strict about keeping its borders closed during the pandemic, why not set your sights on 2022 and beyond? This is a trip you’ll need to plan a long time in advance.

Everywhere you look, hikers and non-hikers alike are aware of Mount Everest’s imposing stature. However, this gigantic beast is best left to truly seasoned travelers. But hey, if you’re one of the lucky few who has the experience, time, and money to summit Everest, go for it. Even though the climbing season for this year, which ran from March to May, is over, you’ll still need that extra year to get ready.

If you’re looking for adventure, going on a safari in Africa is a no-brainer, but where do you begin? Due to its abundance of wildlife and diversity of terrain, Botswana’s Okavango Delta is a must-see for both novice and seasoned safari travelers. Bounce on a mokoro kayak for something good, most cozy gander at the wandering elephants, gazelle, and cheetahs, among others. Stay at Xigera Safari Lodge, one of the continent’s most anticipated new establishments. There will be a baobab tree house where you can sleep under the stars, 12 brand-new elevated suites, and numerous eco-friendly features.

The mysterious Northern Lights, oh my! When it comes to seeing the technicolor phenomenon, location, time of year, and weather conditions are all important, but a trip to Finnish Lapland is hard to pass up. If you can sleep in an igloo at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort or on a mobile Aurora Bubble Sled, the Arctic is one of the best places on Earth to see the northern lights. Plan a trip between December and March to increase your viewing opportunities.

The Iguaz Falls in South America, which are on the border of Brazil and Argentina, make all other waterfalls look like trickles. There are walkways and catwalks around the system of more than 200 cascades, some of which reach heights of around 270 feet. However, we prefer the more adventurous vantage point of jumping on an inflatable raft and sailing directly under the exhilarating, high-pressure falls at Iguaz.

The cavernous cenotes on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula are just one of many stunning natural features. Diving through the underground cave systems and floating in one of these natural sinkholes is an amazing experience. Visit Gran Cenote for rock formations that resemble Gothic architecture or Dos Ojos, also known as “Two Eyes,” to see one of the planet’s most beautiful underwater sites.

The immense, unspoiled dunes of the Sahara are made for extreme sports. The rows of barchans, which in Turkic mean “crescent-shaped dunes,” are ideal for sandboarding (descenting the slopes on a snowboard) and sand surfing (surfing), and the views are also a bonus. Stay at the Erg Chigaga Luxury Camp in Morocco, which offers camel rides and quad biking, in addition to sandboarding.