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What is the safest boat in the world?

What is the safest boat in the world?

By syrus

The Kraken 50 has been introduced, claiming to be the “safest blue sea boat currently being built.” In contrast to all of her contemporaries, the K50 has a special “Zero Keel” structure, which consists of an integrated hull and keel with matching scantlings.

Her outstanding 20mm lay-up, integral keel, Kevlar reinforcements, and full skeg-hung rudder for maximum protection all contribute to her strength, safety, and stability.

The 65-year-old chairman of Kraken Yachts and seasoned ocean sailor with 225,000 nautical miles under his belt, Dick Beaumont, served as the inspiration for the yacht. For his retirement, he sought a secure blue water yacht, but to his dismay, he found that every major blue water yacht brand was at risk due to having bolt-on keels and/or exposed blade rudders.

“They could be fine for normal sailing,” says Dick, “but I don’t believe they are fit for purpose for fail-safe world cruising when you have your friends and family with you as you cross oceans.”

He decided to have his boat—White Dragon, a Kraken 66—built, and the brand was established. She later became the UK’s most coveted “Best Bluewater Cruiser” winner. An incredible accomplishment for the first yacht in the Kraken fleet, which was designed by Kevin Dibley.

The Kraken 50, which has now completed a successful sea trial, came after this. She reached a remarkable 7 knots in barely 10 knots of true wind, and as the breeze picked up, she increased to 8 knots or more with the cruising chute or reaching genoa set.

“The design principles applied by the Kraken Cruises team in the build of their yachts indicate a unique comprehension of the needs of blue water cruising sailors,” says Mark Fullerton, MD of Doyle Sails China, who constructed the K50 sail gear.

David Wilkinson, a 56-year-old financial consultant with more than 25 years of offshore sailing experience, chose the Kraken over other well-known brands—many of which he considered and disregarded—as he looked for the ideal yacht to set sail in. This is due to all of these factors as well as the K50’s comprehensive overall spec.