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Where are most yachts located?

Where are most yachts located?

By syrus

The Mediterranean coast and the Caribbean islands usually spring to mind when you think of the finest sailing locations on earth.

What about the United Arab Emirates or the Netherlands, though?

The top 10 nations with the greatest concentration of superyachts on their coastlines were recently ranked by Bloomberg, and some of the nations on the list may surprise you.

With 158 superyachts counted in April 2019, the US took first place. Italy, Spain, France, and Greece rounded out the top five.


A marina could have shops, eateries, marine and yacht chandlers, as well as facilities for refueling, cleaning, and repairs. Ground amenities like parking spaces for cars and boat trailers may be present in a marina. Boat ramps or slipways are used to launch a trailered vessel into the sea. A travel lift, a specialized crane used to lift larger boats out of the water and move them about the hard stand, may be present in a marina. Boat storage in or out of the water is offered by marinas.

Long-term rental agreements frequently include fee-based services including parking, and the use of picnic areas, bars, and clubhouses for showers. 

Dubai Harbour

At the confluence of Bluewaters and Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Harbour is a super-luxury resort. The magnificent 1,100 berth marina has 3 bays and can accommodate yachts up to 160 meters in length.

A shopping center, a cruise ship terminal, a yacht club, and helipads are among the amenities. the ideal location for top-tier, luxurious yachts. Whether you have owned a yacht before or not, Dubai Harbour is a terrific location.

Span Ibiza Magna

Ibiza is well-known for its partying, sand, sea, and sun. Ibiza Magna is a short distance from Ibiza’s thriving nightlife, casinos, and nightclubs, including the renowned Pacha.

Ibiza is a terrific place to dock your boat if you’re young, hip, and ready to live largely. Join any boat sharing networks? If you can get an arrangement, Ibiza would be a great site to dock your yacht so that the subsequent owner in the network can enjoy it.

France’s Port de Saint-Tropez

Saint Tropez is regarded as the gem of the French Riviera and is well known throughout the world for drawing famous and extremely wealthy people from high society. There are two basins covering 22 acres, more than 700 berths, and more.

Purchasing a yacht is just a lifestyle choice. It is a status symbol and a location where you may unwind, relax, and live in the lap of luxury amid opulent, heavenly settings. To benefit from all that yacht ownership has to offer, you don’t necessarily have to own your boat outright.